Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Delay.

So much for painting over the weekend. We have postponed our painters until Easter which is a pity. We are busy packing at the moment and awaiting the removalists tomorrow morning. I think things could be a bit messy if we get delayed again!! 
We went past the house on Saturday arvo, and someone had left it unlocked! Luckily no one got in and trashed the place... unlikely I know,  but not really a risk I want taken at this stage. Yesterday when we went past there was someone there painting.... the facade looks fantastic now (see below). We had a nice walk around the block and got a real feel for the place. Gee we have a lot of hard work ahead of us! If only we could find someone to do the fences, it would be a good start. 

The view from the back corner:

From the street: 

I have been trying to organise quotes for the curtains. Someone from Kresta came out about a week and a half ago, and I still don't have a quote from them.. on the other hand, someone from Vista came out on Thursday came out and we got a quote the next day..... it's a no brainer really. Kresta are obviously too busy and don't need our business. I'm not sold on Vista though, they really don't have much of a range. So, it will be sheets up for a while for us while we investigate a few more options. 

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