Thursday, April 2, 2009

Problems... need to vent

We have been busy shopping for lights,  planning our landscaping and trying to organise someone to build our fence. The landscaping guy has taken ages to build his retaining walls (for the path and driveway) and blames a lack of materials... grrr
We have been getting our lighting and audio/visual stuff done for the last week or two and I will be VERY happy when that is finished! At the moment, it is driving me to the drink. 
I'm getting frustrated with Carlisle now. I rang a week ago about the spa not working. We tried it again on the weekend, just in case it was working, and no bubbles! I emailed them early this week and have heard nothing. I just hope we don't have to wait until the end of our warranty period to get it fixed. That's not on! The gas cooker is playing up too. 3/4 of the time it lights fine, but the rest of the time I can't get any of the burners to light. I have to leave it for 5 mins and then when I try again it usually works. The plumber called me about this, I explained the problem, and haven't heard anything since. 
Yesterday, when I had my shower I had the mixer turned completely to hot and my shower was just warm... not happy! 
The guy doing our lights reckons the electrician who did the house did a lousy job. According to him it was done on the cheap and probably by apprentices.... Not really what I want to hear, and I just hope it's his extremely high standard of work that he is comparing it to... ha ha.... Even the people employed by Carlisle have told me that aspects of the job aren't done as well as they should be... GREAT!
Apparently they are coming to fix the bifolds today (they were put on around the wrong way). That will be great, it's been a pain having them around the wrong way. 
Yes, I am annoyed... Yes, I am frustrated... Yes, I still love the house, it's great. I just want to get things fixed and working properly.