Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some pictures from the last 4 moths.

The view of the deck from inside (note, we have moved the pink dog house!!)

Front foyer light:

Veggie and strawberry patch:

Basics of the landscaping. This was months ago. It is very different now!

Side fence:

Side fence with the beginnings of a windbreak:

The other side fence. Still not finished!

The driveway!

Part of the gym:

Warranty Issues

I know it has been ages since I last posted, but there has been a lot going on. We are in the middle of trying to get our warranty items attended to. We have had several problems with the plumbing and I am starting to wonder if they will ever be resolved. We had our warranty inspection and it all went well (apart from the fact that some of the things I mentioned weren't written down and therefore not listed and attended too). A word of advice, have a detailed list with you and check it against the builder's list. If they pressure you to sign off that the jobs have been completed, then make sure you take your time and check that they have...
The faults with the paint and plaster were sorted out straight away and we are pleased with the results (it is a pity it needed doing in the first place, but the end result is all good).
Our spa is still faulty. It only works about 70- 80% of the time and we have basically stopped using it. Pretty disappointing as this was one of the main features of the house that we loved when were were deciding what to build. The plumber said the motor would have to be replaced. So who organises and pays for that?
Our powder room still stinks like a sewer about half the time, and not at all the other half. Unfortunately the day the plumber came it didn't smell, so the response I got today was "I believe the plumber has been to your home & done what they could."
I am really worried about the plumbing job throughout the house... there has been problem after problem and there is still water accumulating at the base of the downpipe out the back door. There was an external drain where they had just inserted 90mm pipe into a piece of 100mm pipe and just left it resting there.
Generally everything has been attended to and resolved without delay and I can't fault that... but I feel that these last few issues are going to cause us some grief.
My next post will be cheerier, I promise. I will put up some lovely photos!!